We harvested the first two weeks of september with sunny weather. Summer was not good but grappes slowly matured. Juices were fragrant (citrus flavour), rich and with a very good balance.


Vine pruning went on from december to the end of march. Cut wine shoots are burnt. The fruiting cane, which will hold the expected harvest, is bent.


Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation are now finished. Wine is maturing on fine lies to naturally increase the aromatic potential and the structure. Tastings give us the general quality of the vintage and the blend methodology for summer bottlings. In the vinyard, we begin the ploughings with a superficial tilling.


Vine is quickly growing. We are guiding it to have much sunlight for photosynthesis and best sugar production in the grappes. Grappes are growing too and are browning by the sun.

Wines are ready for bottling.